Friday, June 26, 2015

Salvaging and Recycling Rod Parts - Ex Golden Mean

Thanks to my friend who donated his broken Golden Mean rod to me after it broke the 2nd time. I fixed the broken front piece for him but that merely extended 8 months of its' life.

I had the guides removed from the broken rod and kept it for his future project ans I was left with the rod blank and the handle.

The EVA handle was not all the perfect as my friend really bashed or in other words, fully utilized this rod. Then again, it was still usable.

I cut off the old blank, removed the butt cap and inserted a new blank. The only blank that can fit in was the 1 piece MHX 6' 2-6lb blank.

Ta..da..... just turned a 2pc 4-10lb rod into a 1pc 2-6lb UL rod.

Black Fuji KR concept guides with 1st coat of epoxy on the thread.

Then the finishing coat.

The overall look of this partly "recycle" rod.

Monday, June 8, 2015



Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just the HANDLES

Nothing much happening in the month of April 2015, just the reconfiguration of the MEGABASS rod and building up 2 rod handles.

The 2 heavy heavy blanks and the required components are flown in from Miri, Sarawak.

Building up a cork grip for a big rod is not as simple for fly rods or normal fishing rods although the procedures of making the cork handle were meant to be same.

This is the only photo of the rod which I just manage take before it was wrapped up for shipment.


These was sent to Miri and then was return to me for rework. The handle was too thick and needed to 'slim' down....

Messy ...messy .... work...

Don't really like to do rework. Normally I would be as precise as possible, but at time when the customer gave the dimensions , I assumed they know what the wanted...

The gimbal have to be remove in order to have a more horizontal plane to sand down the cork grip.

One done and one more to go ..

Operation Sanding down done.. next is to fix the gimbal and finish of with a layer of cork seal.


Monday, June 1, 2015

7'4" Fiberglass Spinning Travellers Rod

I had this 3 section 4/5wt fiberglass blank for sometime now and not wanting to build a fly rod with it. A bit too slow for bait casting but it was just nice for a ultra light spinning rod. It would be around 3-8lbs line.

I found an old Fuji NPS spinning reel seat when I was digging through my rod building component box. Not the most favorite reel seat used here. I think they used this often for ice fishing rod.

Selected a bunch of components , some from Matagi and I had the handle assembled. Tried to make it as interesting as possible.

Used a line up of Fuji K-guides for this spinning rod.

Spigot joint

After the wrapping been epoxied.

A closer look at the decal

The rear end with ALPS butt cap

Overall view of the rod.