Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The PESOT glass fly rod

This ultralight glass fly rod is 6'10" and rated 2/3wt. 2 pieces with spigot ferrule.

The main feature will be the rattan wrapped grip and the engraved single sliding band reel seat.

Started off with the preparation of the rattan wrapped grip. That is how it look before finishing.

... and this is how it looks when completed with a few coat of SPAR urethane.

Then it was time to assemble the rod. The guides and hook keeper was wrapped with Pearsall's Jasper silk thread.

The fiberglass rod was finished with a few coat of poly urethane.

Another angle view of the completed rod.

Full view.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NORTH FORKasista Rebuilt

This project started off with just a replacement of blank in mind. I actually planned to reuse the whole handle and I just insert the new blank into the old handle. But....... I only managed to stuff in a 2-6lb blank and it was a NO go.

I have not no choice but the reclaim the handle and it has to be done very carefully not to damage the existing reel seat. 

Managed to "reclaimed" the handle after 3 hours of hard labor.

The blank selected was from North Fork Composites and rated at 6'  6-12Lb

I tried to copy the original Fantasista design as close as possible.

The epoxy work have to be done sectionally to accomodated the fixture of the fore grip.

The split grip was wrapped with metallic red color to match the reel seat and also the existing design.

All guides was wrapped with metallic red threads with metallic gold trimming.

Close up look on the wrapping.

Completed rod looks something like this....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Munster IZ's Baitcaster from RF GT-Zero Blank

I have never tested nor built any of this blank before although I have seen their advertisement and promotion film on YouTube and some people commented how great this blank is.... 

I do not know about others but I personally don't really fancy this blank.

Cosmetically this blank is matt finished and a glance at it, it look like a Lamiglas blank but the matt effect is sprayed on.

The matt coating will come off if scratched with hard object, hooks or lures.
The original finish of this blank is gloss black and this can be observed when you peel off the rod decal.

This blank has a fast action similar to any bass fishing blank and the bending moment is very forgiving. It doesn't feel like any IM6 blanks, but very similar to PacBay Quickline blank.  

Well, that is just my personally point of view.

Back to building it.....

Custom gloss black Fuji ECS reel seat.

Handle setting

Carbon tube at split grip and the exposed reel seat area.

Wrapping to guides

Epoxy process

Completed rod