Sunday, April 24, 2016

CUSTOM Slow Pitch - Spiral Jigger PE 1~2

After completed my first jigging rod in September last year, I found out that one was abit too heavy for lighter jigs and this time I am building a lighter one. 
A lighter rod for lighter jigs.

A simpler, lesser accessories jigging rod.

Trigger reel seat with a couple aluminum trims and titanium SiC guides.
Handle parts setting up.

Aluminum winding check behind the rear EVA grip.

In goes the trigger reel seat with the anodize blue aluminum trim..

Fixing up the KDPS quick lock and EVA foregrip.

Then half of the fighting butt

Front view of the reel seat

The butt section

A layer of under wrapping before the guides are wrap onto the blank.

Titanium Sic guides on the blank in spiral placement.

Metallic wrapping at the aluminum trim for finishing off the rear grip  of the long section of split rear handle.

Water transfer decal above the fore grip.

Wrapping it up and epoxy..

and finished..

There is a saying and fly fisherman love to say...  "Matching the hatch" 
but in the case, it is matching the reel.....

Matching the rod with Daiwa Saltiga.

Can you guess what is the weight of this completed jigging rod?

My rough guess was around 160 - 170 g .. perhaps.
But I was wrong... It is only 149 grams (something like 5.25 oz)

Spiral guide placement.

Matching the rod..    :)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

AFM MHX 6'6" 8-14lb with a TWIST

They say "Start with the end in mind" is to imagine how would your built be when you have completed the rod. Is it going to be what you imagine it to be or it will be another disastrous built?

This is another MHX rod blank project, 6'6" 8-14lb , fast action medium power.
Tastefully selected Andrew's fishing reel seat and MATAGI butt cap.

Preform cork fore grip

Cork rings for rear handle.

Stacked, glued and ready to be shape.

Shaped cork handle pre-fitting

Trying some new weaving pattern. Not that perfect but I guess it should be okay.

Completed. But...

But, I guess not all fisherman liked weaving pattern on their rod and the weaving was removed.

The rod was finished with a simple and clean metallic wrapping at the fore grip.

Simple metallic wrapping to guides

Static load test to spiral guide wrapping for centralization and adjustment.

Final static load test before epoxy.

Epoxy done and cork handle are sealed with cork seal.

Epoxy to guide

For the grand finale, fixing up the butt cap.

Pending curing.

The outcome of the completed rod. I remembered doing a similar built some years ago. 

Hope to see the rod in action soon..