Monday, November 30, 2015

Solid GLASS Prawning ROD

I have used factory made 2 section prawning rod and most often the time, it would not last for two or three sessions before something happened it. I knew I had to built one for the prawn....

I got myself a couple the solid glass blanks from MATAGI and start a new project...  "The ROSENBERGII project"

The original action of the glass blank was quite stiff for prawning. I had to trim down the OD of the blank to make it softer especially at the tip section. The best thing of working with solid glass blank is that you can alter the bending and action to your own liking.

I used SG Graphite reel seat with quick lock and matt carbon tube insert for
the handle.

EVA fighting butt

Guide setting

Rod action

SG- SiC K-guide after epoxy

Guides inline

Completed handle

Finishing at the reel seat beneath the quick lock hood with Fuji winding check

Well, this rod will be put to test on the next prawning session.


Just last weekend I tested this rod for prawning at Kinta River. The catch rate was not very good but I managed to hailed up a few good size.

This rod is soft and able to see it tapping when the prawn took the bait, but it is still not sensitive enough.

I think I have to make another rod with smaller taper for a change. Making it as sensitive as possible at the tip while maintaining a good backbone at the rear.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Testing the WHITE glass

Finally I had my change to test it out..

Effortless cast with the 3WF line out around 30 feet and it's action was as usual... CRISPY!

A final touch before I pack it up in the rod sock.