Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NFC top amd G.Loomis bottom

Finally the young 'ciku' found and settle on this North Fork Composite blank after searching high and low looking for a blank for his custom rod..

North Fork Composite blank by Gary Loomis pairing with the old school G.Loomis offset pistol grip.

This kinda grip don't come by pretty often.
Test fitting on the blank.

Electroplated SiC K-guides all the way from Japan.

Simple all black wrapping to the guides on the bare charcoal finish rod blank.

Epoxy on the rod decal

The completed rod

A closer look at this old school reel seat

The cork handle coated with U40 cork seal

Another look at the finished rod...

Monday, October 14, 2013


Anyone still remember this FENWICK HMG which had its' handle remodel back in 2011?

Well, it is back for another remodelling.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Golden Brown UL fiberglass fly rod

This is another ultralight 2/3wt fiberglass fly rods that I built along with the earlier PESOT rod. I just can't resist to make another rattan grip.

Below are a few of the photos taken of the completed rod.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ZinO BATSON Forecast 12-25lb

Another biggie in the line. BATSON Forecast RX6 Graphite blank rated at 12-25lb which is 7' in length.

Standard Fuji ACS reel seat.

EVA split handle with adjoining rubberized cork rings at top and bottom
of the reel seat.

Reel seat with shaped EVA grips.

Test fitting

Sample wrapping - Black wrap with metallic copper trimming.
No go.....

Another sample wrapping - Scarlet wrap with NCP white trimming

Gubrode Scarlet was one of the popular thread color as it will turn into a nice maroon color after applying epoxy.

Guides up before epoxy.

Rod decal

After epoxy

Reel seat in between rubberized cork ring

The handle

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TITAN JIGGING special rod 6' PE1-3

I have built several jigging blank and this is one of the few.

This Titan jigging special is from Phenix. PE rated 1-3.
The components and Fuji K-guides used.

Handle test fitting.

Under lay wrapping and wrapping of K-guide

Wrapping of guides

Fixing rod decal

Epoxy to rod