Thursday, December 29, 2016

BLACKHOLE CAPECOD Special - 300th POST... 2016

I guess this 'hole' made it after all... 

It's another BH CapeCod Special "Slow Pitch" blank and this blank does not need any more introduction. It has been known for its' robust action and have been tested in many waters around the world.

This is a very standard built. Basically, guides , trigger reel seat and fighting butt. Anyone could have done this.

Here are the basic components.

Standard setting up for the handle

Fuji K guides on metallic silver underwrap which have been epoxied.

Finished up with the guides.
I am using a high Fuji LC guides for the last guide.

After epoxy.

Handle view from the front.

A view from the rear.

At the fore grip

And the completed rod....

Well, this WILL be the last rod for 2016....

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Single hand bait casting rod - NFC+Matagi

Once awhile a pretty darn great project will come by ... just like this one. Simple it may seems but it really look great and fish great as well.

A medium power North Fork Composite blank shorten 6" to 6' with a short handle for single hand casting.

Handle setting with MATAGI components.

Finishing off at the reel seat front with Fuji graphite winding check.

Purple color aluminum winding check to compliment the color of the reel seat.

Overall view of the handle.

The rod decal that have not been altered. I have actually removed the 6in from the rod before it was epoxied.

Now, if you look closely at the decal, you will see the difference. :)

I done the handle and epoxy the decal before moving to finish the guides.
Setting of guide placement.

ALPS aurora zirconium 316 stainless steel guides in place with metallic purple wrapping and silver trimming.

Guides line-up

The completed rod .

A view from the rear end.

As the handle is only 6" I have to add some weight at the butt to balance to the rod.

Another view of the completed rod handle.

I guess this would be the last rod for this year. Hope to show you guys more of the rods that I will be building next year.

Have a good year ahead ... and happy ROD building!!!!!  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Jigging rod with Cork Handle

Just completed this yesterday.. Nothing fancy here but just the cork grips and fighting butt. Lightly rated at PE 1-2.5

Fuji T-DPS reel seat with blue aluminum trim and cork rear grip.
Setting up the handle.

The length of the butt end section with cork fighting butt.

Cork fore grip on KDPS quick lock.

Under wrapping before putting on the guides.

Fuji LC low rider guides in black frame. My bad.. I have to re-guide this rod.
It supposedly to be a spiral wrap but I did it straight

Removed and rewrapped to spiral guide placement.

Rod decal after 2 epoxy coating.

Rear view of the rear cork grip.. :)

Bottom half..

Overall view..