Friday, September 26, 2014

PO ~St Croix SCIII Ultralight~

Simple old school design with aluminum trigger wood insert reel seat and cork grip handle.

First the planning of the handle. The blank was shorten 3" from the original length of 7'.

After lathing the cork handle and fore grip.

The cork handle in position.

Test fitting and fixing the whole handle.

Reprinted the rod decal as the original sticker was missing.
Made slight changes on the decal.

Water transfer decal as per requested.

The guides going half way....

Electroplated frame Fuji SiC guides wrapped and epoxied...

Top guide size #4

The completed rod..

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Fly ROD project

This is an entirely new taper for this tobacco fiberglass blank which I would consider it as a fast action fiberglass rod. Of course, you can't compare this "fast" with a graphite fly rod.

A 3 section 6'6" at 3wt. This blank got a translucent brown colour finishing.

Test fitting the cork grip and reel seat.

Wrapping with mid brown nylon thread.


Completed ...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MATAGI Fiberglass XUL Spinning

This 6' fiberglass XUL blank is rated at 2-4lb. Why XUL you may asked....
It is XUL because it's glass and it's soft...but apart from all that, this little rod is really fun to cast with a UL spinning setup.

I used Andrew's fishing flat face spinning reel seat FP type for this project of mine. Unfortunately they have ran out of the burled wood type, if not the handle will look even nicer.

A few shot on the handle.

Fuji SiC K guides with metallic white wrapping and silver trim.

Fuji KR Concept guides layout

Did a rush job on this rod for this...... 


If you have noticed, there is no rod decal on the rod in the 'fish' photos.
As this was a really rush job, I just finished what just need to be done and finished it off after the fishing trip... LOL

And.. NO, you are eye sights are perfectly well... there are 2 Matagi XUL rods in the photo. Pretty much the same stuff but they are not alike...