Thursday, March 21, 2013

GLoomis classic

This GLoomis blank is one of those old stocks in the market as GLoomis not longer produce its' blanks for sale in the market.

At 5'6" rated 10-17lb, I would say it's a heavy duty rod to be. The blank was extended 6" to make it 6'.  Guess it would be easier to cast with extended handle.

This rod will be using GLoomis graphite reel seats with cork grips.
The rear grip is off set by 15 degree for comfortable handling.

The original rubber butt cap was replaced with a deco aluminum butt cap.

Fuji alconite guides with s/s finished frame wrapped with black thread and 'silverback' metalic trim.

Standard guide placement.

GLoomis rod decal. Made in America.

The cork grip was applied with U40 cork sealant for better protection from wear and tear.

Overall view of the completed rod.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simple MHX UL rod

A basic casting  rod from this blank. A  6' 4-8lb bc with spiral guide placement.

Proposed split handle shape for the rod. A very short rear handle with a weighted end cap

Change of handle shape.

Simple split handle..

Overall view of the handle.

Basic wrapping above the foregrip and exposed blank at the split handle.

 The edge of  the fore grip was tapered as no aluminum trim used at the transition.

 Completed handle.

Spiral placement guides with static load test.