Monday, March 19, 2012

Another GAWAS for a 'spin'

This is another GAWAS blank which I did for my friend. So far, this is the 2nd GAWAS blank I built on.

Medium heavy fast action blank with line rated at 8-16lb and this 1 pc blank is 6'5" in length.

I used American Tackle AERO spinning reel seat  for this rod. That was the 1st trial shape of the rear grip but looks abit odd. I had to redo it again.

Looks better after losing the knob part.

Final assembly of the split grip handle for this rod.

Deco wrapping in front of the fore grip.

Black wrapping with metallic red trims on Fuji SiC K-Guides

K-guides lined up..

And the end results.....

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Phenix UL for ADY

It seems to be a trend now that anglers here are going for ultra light tackles. Sourcing for a  good factory made ultra light tackle here is kinda difficult. They have some light tackle but no ultra light.

Building an ultralight rods is fun but challenging. Although I am used to building fly rods and I would say ultralight rods are totally a different 'animal'...  Imagine wrapping the spinning or casting guides on the rod blank no thicker than the toothpick. Sounds like fun? Well, it does actually. It involves a lot of preparation work.

Here's another of my UL project which was completed last week.

An UL blank from Mudhole which was requested by my friend.

Phenix Elixer Ultralight 6' 1pc 1-6lb.  YES.... 1-6lb !!!!!!!!  In the US, they use this blank for making rods for trouts. But in Malaysia, it's a different story..

Let's go to interesting part, some photos of the rod in progress.

Fuji ACS reel seat with split handle cork grip.

Preps for lathing

It look like that after shaping. But found out the diameter for the fighting butt was 2mm small and I had to redo another.

The fighting butt on the left  was under-sized and the one on the right is newly made.

Test fitted a couple of time before the parts are glued on.

I am using lite TiCH micro guides PacBay.

A total of 11 micro guides used on this rod

My scribbling on the rod...

The completed rod.

A few days later..........................................................

He sent me this....

Not a bad catch on a 1-6lb Ultralight rod...