Monday, April 28, 2014

Fast action glass fly rod with LIME GREEN wraps

This is another fast action 3 section 6'-6" 3wt fiberglass blank.
The blank is not painted but dipped with spar urethane as what they do with bamboo blanks. The translucent white fiberglass blank turned slightly yellowish due to the spar coating.

Installed with a half wells cork grip and up locking reel seat. Snake guides placement marked on the blank.

Used lime green nylon thread for wrapping. I have seen others wrapping with this colour and it look very nice but never tried it. So, this is it...

Wrapping done and time for epoxy to do its' magic.

After coated the thread with epoxy, it turned slightly translucent like all nylon threads does. At a certain angle , you can see right through the guide foot.
Luckily  I had all the guide foot prep before wrapping it.

And it is all done.. the first LIME GREEN wraps!

Friday, April 25, 2014

CamoED Rod

There has been a backlog as there is a shortage of rod components and I have been kinda busy with my day-job too. Most probably that was one of the reason that not much updates and newly built posting on my blog.

Well, here's one which I built recently with less components. A simple built using Fuji Alconite guide with transparent wrapping. I does not want the guide wrappings to cover up the nice camo patterns on the blank.

This is a 6' CRB X-Camo blank rated at 6-10lb. A very light blank indeed.

The best part was having the same camo design reel seat for this rod. KDPS quicklock with EVA foregrip to  cover up the threaded portion the reel seat.

Fuji Alconite guide with transparent wrap

No thread wrapping at decal area to give a seamless look throughout the whole length of the rod.

Photos of the completed "camoed" rod.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

KATANA II by Daniel Wong @ Dominic

This is the 2nd KATANA series which was designed by Daniel Wong @ Dominic. Similar concept but different blank rating.

The North Fork blank is a 6'6" 12-25lb fast action piece.

The reel seat.

Setting up the reel seat.

The overall handle.

Below are some photos of the completed "KATANA II" rod on its' maiden mission..

Daniel with KATANA II and the catch... 


I have got just one word to describe that..... "AWESOME!!!!"