Monday, August 26, 2013

Refurbishing handle of a Vintage EAGLE CLAW

I am just showing the completed refurbished handle or rather completely newly built handle for the Eagle Claw fly rod.

The existing cork handle was really in bad shape...  the owner should know how bad was it.. LOL

Handle remodelling - SHIMANO Cumara

A total reconstruction of the handle from a split grip to a single hand grip handle.

The rod at its' original state.

Completely stripped out and 6" of the butt section was cut.

Retaining the butt cap for this rod.

3" of the blank was wrapped with metallic thread for the skeleton reel seat. I am using PacBay skeleton reel seat to retaining the original reel seat design of this rod.

Test fitting the reel seat.

New EVA rear grip.

Existing butt cap reinstall.

The new single hand grip completed.

BAMBOO fly rod - The grass of streams -

Adding this to my Bamboo built is a small little bamboo rod for streams.
This is a Winston taper, 6' 2pc 1 tip 3wt.

Up locking vintage looking wood insert reel mounted to a reversed half wells cork grip. The snake guides are wrapped with gold silk thread.

Nickel silver ferrule.

FG703 - Fiberglass Fly Rod

Another FG703 was built due to demand for this rod. This Olive green fiberglass fly rod is 7' 3pc 3wt.

This rod is very managable and easy to handle.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another "Olive Green" fiberglass fly rod...

Here is another 3wt "Olive Green" fiberglass fly rod that I managed to built during the long break last week.

This blank profile is almost similar but the total length is 7' instead of 6'6".

Setting up the handle , marking the guide spacing and locating the spine.

Wrapping with Olive green thread with a single silver trim. This aluminum reel seat is a triangular reel seat with a center tubing.

And finally, I manage to find a pen to write on the blank. 
Don't have to worry about smearing the blank with metallic ink .

* Learn something new.....................

St Croix 6-12lb with Abalone Veneer inlay and full MATAGI components.

This built was requested after seeing the abalone inlay on the MHX.

This SCIII blank is a 2pc 6-12lb.

A closer look at the painted MATAGI reel seat.

Setting up the handle length and spacing before fixing the abalone veneer inlay.

Starting off by cutting the veneer sheet to size and fix it onto the blank.

1st epoxy coating applied.

The 1st coating of epoxy was roughen with sand paper and wrapping are done on the epoxy coating.

A final layer of epoxy to the Abalone veneer inlay.

Then the handles and reel seat are fitted in, leaving the butt cap to be done at a later stage.

Rod decal fixed prior epoxy coating.

Sample wrapping

After epoxy...

Handle with abalone veneer done up.

MATAGI butt cap.


Friday, August 9, 2013

SEEKER the EXTREME Series 8-20Lb

This is one of very few spinning fiberglass rod that I have built. I have done several Lamiglas fiberglass casting rod and this is the first fiberglass spinning rod that I built.

This fiberglass blank is 7'3" in length rated at 8-20Lb. It is in olive green color.

 S-glass Extreme Series BS706

Rubberized Ergonomic reel seat from American Tackle.

Fuji Alconite K-guides

Setting out for the reel seat and handle.

EVA Split Handle

A closer view

Wrapping to guides adding glow in dark trimming.

GLOW in dark

Guides wrapped

Adding rod deco ( abalone veneer ) above the fore grip.

Wrapped the edges for finishing touch.

Rod info at split butt section.

Epoxy done.

EVA rear grip shaved flat