Friday, June 23, 2017

Bait casting Rod " XPERIMENTAL" 6-12lb

Building up this rod to test out an OEM blank from China. This is a 6' blank rated at 6-12lb and have a mod-fast action.

Handle setup

Custom decal

SG- titanium SiC guides

"Xperimental 6'  6-12lb"

360* look of the rod handle

Guides up

and done..

** ( 2017 - 10) **

Monday, June 5, 2017

fisheR's Custom Jigging Blank - Trident 4-5

Another personal rod...

Making myself a heavier piece for mackerel , sails and 'tong gas' on jigs. The 5 layer toray carbon X-wrap blank have a blank wall thickness of 3mm and 6'5" long.  It's not a solid blank and the diameter of the butt is roughly measured 11mm.

I used a size #17 VSS fuji  reelseat with EVA foregrip on the KDPS and ALPS double leg guides.

Setting up of the handle.

Water transfer rod decal

Under wrapping for the guides

Epoxy on the decal before starting off with the guides.

ALPS guides UP

I applied 3 epoxy coating on the wrapping. Light coating.

All dried up..

A full view of the completed rod.

I wanted to test this out on my next fishing trip... unfortunately, it was hijacked by my buddy who happens to drop by ... there goes my no #9

**( 2017 - 09 )**

Friday, May 5, 2017

The GREEN glass

This green fiberglass rod project was 2 months behind schedule... LOL .
Not because I intentionally delay this build but I was sourcing for the green agate stripping guide.

The green acrylic insert for the fly reel seat just blend in nicely..

Setting up

Close up..

Feather inlay deco

Tip, guides and agate stripping guide

Transparent wrapping

Outcome of the feather inlay deco..

The cork grip was coated with a layer of U40 cork seal

Completed . 6'6" 3 piece 3 weight glass!!!

**(2017 - 08)**

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Light JIGGING rod - CUSTOM Blank

I sold my light jigging rod last year and I guess it's time to build one for my upcoming trip mid of this month.

Trying to use light components to compensate the weight of the blank which is quite heavy due to its' thick blank wall. 

Carbon composite handles

I am leaving the carbon fiber as it is  and not applying any epoxy onto it. Hope this will give me a better grip.

Early set up of the handle.

I am using SG Titanium RSOL guides for this rod which again, I want it to be as light as possible. 

Completed the handle and guides

Overall view of the rod

I would say it's pretty much balanced up.

Tried my best and it still weighs at 141 grams.

( 2017 - #7 ) 

Megabass Butt extention

Another butt extension project. Second megabass rod for butt extension. Don't know why but most rod of this brand comes with a heavy tips

Removal of a few pieces of cork end to ease the removal of the butt cap                                

Very very thin butt section. I think originally there is another joint near the reel seat.

I took quiet a long time to find a blank that fit the butt end of this rod. The cork rings are stacked and glued 1  by 1.

Shaping the cork handle to match the jointing part.

Lastly, a coat of the cork seal and finish off with the butt cap.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

GLoomis IMX Refurbish - RT

Another old rod for refurbishment. It's a GLoomix 2 pc light action rod and it's made in Canada. Have not see any of this here..

I have the guides removed and replace them with some newer Fuji titanium sic guides.

But first, we need to do something about the soiled cork grip.  Sanding it down with  grit 800 sand paper under running water. 

Then dry in under the hot sun before coating it with cork seal.

Recycle Fuji SiC titanium guides from other broken rod.

Re-guide the rod and it's as good as new...

** Refurbishing and reguide **