Thursday, December 31, 2015

Weaving Challenge

Before the year 2015 comes to an end, I would like to share the weaving project I did a couple of weeks ago.

I borrowed this image from Joe Vargo which he posted in his facebook and it was very nice. I improvised the tail slightly when I plotted it out in excel format.
Yes, in excel format not the weaving software.

Here is how is look like.

Bit by bit and square by square.

I made myself a weaving jig by using cardboard and in no time I kicked off this weaving project of mine. 

Half way through....

Almost done. I just need to finish off the thread and pack it nicely.

There at last. Next it will neeed several coat of epoxy. But it got to wait awhile.

I will show the finished coated weaving when I complete this light spinning rod project soon...