Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MHX 6'6" 2-6lb KR Concept UL Spinning

I have built a few UL rods recently and most of it are in 1 section. This time a 2 piece UL rod. Building a 1 piece rod is no difference from a 2 piece rod, just have to make sure the spine is aligned to each other.

Found some loose pieces of Pacbay skeleton spinning reel seat laying around in my rod parts drawer and I decided to use it. The locking hood and threaded barrel are from Fuji. Carbon tube insert was used for the mix and match skeleton reel seat.

After getting this fix, then I realised it looked like the reel seat used for Daiwa Aird. Just that they did not use carbon tube insert.

The completed handle.

Fuji KR guide system with size #4.5 guides at the top.
Black thread wrapping to the guide with 1 coating of epoxy.

Now the fun part. Metallic marbling effect was done to the 2nd coating of epoxy.
Have to do it really thin as I want to minimise the weight added to the rod especially the tip area. 

Marbling effect also applies the the wrapping at the winding checks.

The completed MHX- KR Concept Guide system

TW Vintage Shakespeare WONDEROD 1380 refurbishment.

This is another vintage fly rod refurb project. Some dirt on the rod, some paints around the guide wrapping came off and the cork grip are soiled, other than that the rod was kind of ... in a good condition.

The original condition of the rod.

Paints on the fiber wrappings are flaking off. The snake guides on this rod was rather small. Looks like a #2 all the way and that was for a 7wt line. I guess it would be okay for silk fly line.
Before and after the rejuvenation of the cork grip. A layer of cork seal was coated to the cork grip.
The original painting on the fiber wrapping and the thread wrapping. I tried to match the colors of the thread to the original paint as close as possible.
First coat of epoxy on the wrappings.
Finishing coat of epoxy on the wrappings.