Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rod for my pistol grip "Vintage reel seat"

Sometimes I get really lazy to build rods especially for my own use and all of my personal customized rods are built half way...

I would always tell myself that I would complete it when I find the time but when the time comes, I would be building someone else's rod instead of mine.. LOL....

Thanks to my fishing buddy, BC who got me a FENWICK HMG casting rod for use. This rod 8-20lb 6 footer with a moderate action will be just nice to be fitted to the pistol grip.

The handle of this rod was cut to fit the new pistol grip.

Got to go fishing soon....................

Monday, March 9, 2015


Another BATTLEAX Tiger completed and this time with MATAGI components.

Parts used..

A closer look.

The holo effect guides

Holoshimmer threads for the wrapping

Test fitting below assembly

Wrapping to the guide.


After epoxy

The completed handle

The balance act