Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heddon Pal Handle Refurbishment Project

A short refurbishment project of a Heddon Pal fiberglass fly rod.

A closer look at the dislodge cork rings at the top part of the cork grip.

Since I am not going to remove all the guides, hook keepers and the original winding check, I have to work from bottom up with the hope I can retain the original reel seat.

But unfortunately, this reel seat have to go. I have tried to soften the epoxy at the reel seat with the hot air gun for an hour but in vain. It was impossible to have the reel seat removed and I do not want to damage the blank in the process of trying to remove this reel seat in good condition.

I have to go with a wood insert reel seat in replace.

The cork rings are glued, stacked and shaped.

The new cork grip and reel seat are then glued and fitted onto the blank.

The NEW and the OLD cork grip

The NEW LOOK and the OLD

Friday, January 20, 2012

LAMI G1000

This is another light action casting rod from Lamiglas. G1000 series light saltwater blank.
2 piece fast action blank in metallic maroon color.

These are the basic components for this project.

Since this is a 2 pc blank, I started of the wrapping the guides to the tip piece.
I used red color thread on this rod.

Graphite arbor used to fit the reel seat to the blank securely.

Next I shape the EVA split grip in the desire shapes. I skipped showing the process of shaping of the EVA handle here as I have showed it in my previous write-up.

Then the rod decal .

And the finishing work...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The story of the BEGINNER and the LEGEND..

This rod project started in November last year where Man Haro asked me to customized a UL rod for him.

Subsequently, another of his buddy followed.  They wanted a twin I supposed.

Things were planned and orders made. The blanks S781-MHX, S782-MHX and components was only delivered mid December last year.

I started off with both at the same time. Getting the reel seats and grips into place.

Initially it was supposedly to be a fixed fore grip but they wanted the reel seat to look shorter. Cutting the threaded section of the reel seat is never a good idea.

It was time for plan 2.

The FUJI KDPS quick lock comes very handy in such situation and some KDPS EVA grip and trim rings from Matagi.

Now the reel seat looks short and sweet.

Moving forward, I have all the reel seats in place.

Started off with Man Haro's rod first with his "YABAI" design.. In fact, both rods will have the similar design. That's why I called them twins....

Orange thread wrapping to the blanks leaving a couple of inches from the rod decal.

Attached the rod decal and 1st coating of epoxy was applied. Having to epoxy 2' of rod was not an easy task and difficult to make it 100% even.

2nd layer of epoxy was applied together with the last K-guide on the rod.

Next was to wrap up all the guides and epoxy.

One down , another one to go. Now for the S782-MHX. This time, instead of wrapping the orange thread I spray it orange... bright orange.

Wrapping the bands and trims with metallic blue threads.

And the epoxy work.....

................and the guides again.......

.....and epoxied.


...the MHX twin spinning rods are done.

Oh.. by the way, you guys must be wondering...what the hell was the story about the BEGINNER and the LEGEND???

Well... here is the BEGINNER

and this is the LEGEND..

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Custom GAWAS , 1st rod for 2012

It took me a year to finish this rod... literally.  : )
Started work on this rod in December 2011 and completed in January 2012.

This is my 1st time working on a Japanese brand blank. My friend wanted a spinning rod from this blank and a set of durable guides on it. Well, need not to say more.. I got him FUJI SiC guides.

He also requested for something different for the grips. Black EVA is just too common. He wanted a camouflage EVA for the split grip.

I got some of the components from Matagi.

Skull spinning reel seat from Mudhole. Here is something different for a change.

There was a slight misalignment and I have to change the hood and the screw. That is why the color of the hood of the reel seat is different in the finished rod.

Then, the guides.

Black wrapping with white trim.

Two rod decals came with the blank, in white color and black.

White decal on black rod is just too common. I went with the black decal on the black rod, of course the black decal will be on the white underlay.

White thread wrapped across the area where the decal suppose to be and have it epoxied before I put on the decal to the rod.

Another layer of epoxy is applied after the decal were fixed on to the rod and also the guide wrappings.

Completion of the "Custom GAWAS" with Matagi components.