Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OLD Bamboo rod conversion to SPEY ROD

This is a 3 pc spinning bamboo rod measuring about 12.5' when put together.
The condition of this rod is good considering its 'age'..

The handle

However the guides are pretty used up.

All the guides stripped and the loose varnish removed. Light sanding was done on the bamboo blanks before a new coat of polyurethane was applied on it.

The set of new guides are to take their places.

The old cork grip removed.

The reel seat removed and the old glue residue on the timber handle was scrap off.

 New cork rings for the grip.

New handles done.

Guides wrapped except for the tip. Missed out during my order for the guides.
It has to wait for now..

And finally the last parts was delivered after 3 weeks. The tip top was fixed in place.

A coat of cork seal was applied to the cork handle.

That is the completed BAMBOO SPEY ROD totally rebuilt from an old bamboo spinning rod.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Refurbishment Project : Cortland FR2000

Got a request from my buddy to do another handle refurbishment.

Existing condition of the fly rod handle.

The cork grip have to go...
Found some masking tape underneath the cork grip. I believe the rod have gone thru' some sort of refurbishment some years back.

Had the blank clean up.

And had the reel seat removed to fit in the new cork grip.

The new cork grip fitted. I have to lathed the cork handle on the blank for more accurate shape to fit the reel seat.

Then the reel seat was fixed to its' original position.

Done and it looks as good as new... but received another phone call informing me that the rod click....

Got to use some tricks up my sleeves to solve that... and it was clicking no more..