Friday, February 25, 2011

Yellow translucent fiberglass fly rod

Just completed another.. eerr.... butterscotch, amber, translucent yellow..whatever color you may called it...

Pearsall's Gossamer Jasper thread wrapping to the guides

Signature transparent wrap with spiral wrap over hook keeper

Rattan grip with up locking burl wood insert reel seat

Completed rod..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"White" unpainted fiberglass fly rod completed...

Finally, the white translucent fiberglass fly rod is done...

I used Pearsall's Gossamer silk (white) for this transparent wrapping effect with a single thread trim line across the the foot of the snake guide.

Signature wrapping to the hook keeper.. transparent wrapping with black spiral wrap over.

Did something different on the handle, full wells cork grip for this rod with a gun smoke up locking maple wood insert reel seat.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another grip and reel seat done

I haven't got the chance to finish the epoxy work to the white translucent rod yet, but I managed to find a little time to fix up the grip and reel seat to the other translucent yellow blank.

My new stock of stabilized burl wood reel seat just arrived and I have a rattan grip which I have done some months ago. I tested it... and it looks just nice.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting back to my white translucent blank...

I remember seeing  a white translucent rod with transparent wrapping and a single line trimming between the foot of the snake guide on the internet sometime back, but I couldn't locate that web page, even on Google.

I am just going to that..

I was out of Pearsall's Gossamer 'white' silk thread a few weeks back and I thought of using other white threads. I tried Gudebrod 'white' silk and YLI 'white' silk on the blank and the transparent effect I got from those threads are not what I expected it to be. Personally, Pearsall's Gossamer 'white' silk thread still gives me the best transparent wrapping effect.

Spiral wrap before a thinned coat of epoxy is apply on to the wrapping

After the Pearsall's Gossamer 'white' silk thread come in contact with the thinned epoxy, it turned translucent.

The hook keeper foot can be cleared seen.

A thinned epoxy at a ratio of 6:4 was applied to all the wrappings. Next another thin layer of epoxy should finish the job.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yes.... finally, my long awaited threads from Golden Witch was delivered to me last week. Waited for a week due to back order.

It's time to continue my building work.............

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lathing more cork grip..

Since I was lathing the cork grip yesterday, I felt like doing another today. Call that addictive or what....!!!!
I have this reel seat ready for my white translucent blank and I wanted to lath the cork grip in advance.
So I did another one.

I tried  fitting the reel seat and cork grip to the blank. It looks pretty neat. I have plans to use black colored guides for this blank. What say you?

More photos of the reel seat and cork grip on the blank.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Replacing cork grip

Just help my friend to replace the broken cork grip to his custom Winston Boron IIx for a small fee. The existing cork grip was broken at the center portion. Sign of wearing off and instead of repairing, he wanted it replaced.

I stacked and glued the cork rings separately. It will be easier for me to lathe and shape the cork grip. I removed the old cork grip and scrap the glue residue off the blanks.

After shaping the cork grip and patching up work, the rod blank was inserted into the cork grip and glued with slow setting epoxy.

A few layers of U40 Cork Seal was applied to the cork grip and a rod winding check was added to finish off the rod handle.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More of fiberglass fly rod blank..

Wrapped the first three lite wire snake guide with Pearsall's Gossamer Jasper thread last week. I am still waiting for the balance of #2 and 3 snake guides from Mudhole.

Close up on the snake guide

The other two fiberglass blanks was also colored.