Saturday, February 16, 2013

St.Croix 3C62MXF Leftover

This rod was built half way thru' but came to a halt as a defect was found on the blank.

The defect was detected way too late after the reel seat and handle was already in place. There was a crack near the top part about 2" from the tip. A new blank was ordered to complete this rod project.

Eventually this blank have to be shorten by 2" and left over for me.

Some photos was taken during the early stage of this rod.

And the progress of the rod stopped there.... for a least 6 months.

The left one was the new built with some minor changes at the quick lock.

Finishing off the left over...

Wrapping the guides

Fixing up the rod decal and epoxy..

The last piece to be fitted..


Friday, February 15, 2013

Rustic 5 Classic Fiberglass fly rod

Had this done up during the festive break. A 2 piece 7'6" 5wt fiberglass fly rod built with classic design element. Some classic fly rods usually have single color wraps with white color trim and most of the time the white trim are painted on.

Full wells cork grip and up-locking reel seat.

Simple black wrapping with white trim.

After a few coat of thin epoxy. I try to make the epoxy as thin as possible by thinning the epoxy with acetone.

The completed rod.

Friday, February 8, 2013

KA Shorten St Croix BC rod

This piece maybe the shortest one that was cut to length.
Initially SC2 6' blank rated at 6-12lb but it was 5'3" when done.

The Components

The handle after being assembled

The original length of this blank....

.....and after being 'cut'

Test fitting with all components ready. Found that the rear grip were still not in good shape.

Lathed the EVA rear grip giving it more glass hour shape and ready for assemble.

Different type of hook keeper.

Guides up.. and with the 1st layer of epoxy.

Ready for 2nd coating

Final coating..

The completed rod..

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Refurbishment cork handle of Fenwick Techna AV

Another cork handle refurbishment project which I did over the weekends.

The rear cork handle was damaged by pest... suspected cockroaches and the EVA butt cap was not spared either.

A closer look at the damages.

The damaged parts was carefully removed

Selection of cork rings for replacement

Off site fabrication of the replacement part

New section of cork handle was reattached with epoxy. The color or shades of the new and old cork grip are obviously very different.

Sanding to the whole handle to remove the stain on the old section and also smoothen the joint area making it seamless.  And that's it.... DONE.