Friday, April 26, 2013

Composite USA UL with MATAGI components

This is a Composite USA blank which I thought was no longer in the market, but then I heard they are back in business.

And.... ooppsss....

This blank was shorten a couple of inches..

The components used are all from MATAGI Japan.

Rear handle to be shape.

Slight curvy shaped rear grip.

View of the whole handle.

FUJI SiC Tungsten frame guides

Custom Built with Matagi Components

Epoxying the rod on my messy work station

Completed finishing

Fitted with reel

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I started off with the handles for this rod. Experimenting with different way to enhance the split grip exposed blank.

Of course, first I choose the material that I wanted to use for the grip.
Green CAMO EVA from Matagi.

I tried tiger wraps on the split grip area. It was not what I expected it to be. It's harder than I thought.

With the winding check at both side.

Pre fitted grip before shaping the handle.


MATAGI butt cap at the bottom.

Classic twist Black/Green thread for wrapping. CP is required for this thread.

Sample wrapping coated with CP.
L-series guide and K-series guide.

Rod decal

Fore grip finishing

Guides up pending expoxy.

Rod completed...

Friday, April 5, 2013

St Croix RAGE wannabe...

This rod was built following the design of St Croix Rage. Using a SCII  6'6" 10-17lb blank for this rod.

Used PacBay Minima casting reel seat and EVA full rear grip.

The design intend was just bare exposed blank at the split grip. But somehow or rather, I made mistake along the way and have to remove the reel seat.

In the process of remove the reel seat, the exposed blank portion was 'injured' and I had to use the carbon tubing to conceal the damages.

That is why you can see the carbon tube at the exposed area of the split grip.

Fuji K-guide series was used for this rod. The small ring size is #5 and the top is of Fuji SiC.

A closer view on the K-guides which have been epoxied.

Rod ready for action

Matching the rod

Put it to test at Air Ganda last month and it was great. Pairing it with Ryoga 1016L lined with a 20lb Camo spyderwire and it casted nicely.

Actually this rod was for a friend, but since it was injured and slightly damaged at exposed blank near the reel seat , I have no choice but to keep it for own use.

Watch out... another TWINS of this will be coming soon......  :)