Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tattoo-ed Sleeves

Just tested out a few samples of the tattooed sleeves which my friend produced. It looks very much like those tattooed sleeves found on eBay selling at dirt cheap of USD 2.50 a pair.

He showed me the one which he bought from eBay. It was the cheap China stuff.. it was like a spandex netting. Very thin material and the workmanship was terrible. Then he showed me his stuffs and it was totally of different material.

Although the material used is thicker but it is elastic and breathable. I would say it make a nice accessory for the arms for outdoor activity. It will prevent the sun from directly burning onto the skin..


Cool stuff....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Starting a new...

After completed 4 bamboo rods, I have ran out of bamboo strips.
I guess it's time to do some stripping, straightening and rough strips.

It is time consuming and pain staking, at least for me it is.
As the saying goes " I'll be back......" when I have done up enough bamboo strips to continue my bamboo rod making journey..