Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lamiglas UL Casting Rod

This ultra light casting rod using Lamiglas IFW722L was a quick built while waiting for my blanks for other rod projects from Mudhole.

Lamiglas IFW722L is a 2-8lb, 2 piece fast action blank.

Similarly for this rod project, I used all Fuji components.
I placed a section of carbon tube to the exposed blank area for this Fuji ECS reel seat.

3  proposals given.

a) No fore grip

b) KDPS with carbon tube

c) KDPS with EVA foregrip

My 1st choice was the second in line. The carbon tube KDPS kit looks pretty neat to me and I did a few test fit to the blank and put up the reel to see how it looks.

Unfortunately, the locking thread part of the ECS is shorter than the ACS. It looked fine before I fitted a reel onto the seat.

But when I fitted the reel onto the seat, the winding check at the end recessed into the carbon tube.

It would be just nice if it was fitted on the ACS reel seat.

The next best choice was to go with bare finish. No fore grip, just the lock.

The cork rings was glued, stacked and shaped.

The exposed blank of the split handle and top of the reel seat was decorated with 3M carbon imprinted sticker.

It was time to assemble when all components are test fitted.

The 3M carbon sticker looks like this on the rod.

The front of the reel seat was finished off with Fuji graphite winding check and decorated with the 3M carbon sticker.

I used Fuji Alconite guides for the rod. Black wrapping with metallic silver trimming.

Later on, it was epoxy finished and completed a very simple ultralight bait casting rod.