Monday, December 31, 2012

DW Fiberglass fly rod - Ultralight

What was supposedly the last rod was not the LAST eventually...
Just can't resist building up this UL crispy little fly rod on the translucent white blank.

2 sections fiberglass 2wt 6'9" after snipping a few inches at the front and back of the 7' blank.

Agate stripping and lite wire snake guides for this rod.

Cork rings for the grip

Down locking sliding back burled wood reel seat for this rod.

Mid Brown thread wrapped over Pearsall's Gossamer White silk

Single thread trimming across guides foot

All guides intact..

The silk thread after epoxy basically will turn transparent and gives it a very unique effect.

JC feather used as joint indicator. The feather is actually wrapped under the silk line.

My "chicken scratch" on the rod

The look of the handle with a reel ..

Rod for BOB and supposedly the LAST rod for 2012

This is another ex-fast St Croix blank SC3  Light action 4-8lb up for the built.

I must apologise to Bob as it took quite awhile before I do up his rod and this was supposedly the last rod which I am going build for the year 2012.

Handle set up for the rod. Carbon tube insert custom gloss black painted Fuji ACS reel seat with carbon printed hood on KDPS with gold anodize aluminum parts.

Rod decal

Guides lined up pending epoxy.

Wrapping on Fuji SiC guides - before and after epoxy.

........ and where is the rest of the finished rod photos?????

Damn... it was accidentally delete from my iPhone....
I guess I'll just have to wait for Bob to land a fish on it and post me a photo... or some photos.

But a quick preview for him..
He is pairing the rod with a Megabass Zonda ...

* Courtesy of Bob Sharizal

Friday, December 28, 2012

The RUSTY 5wt

The one was another fly rod I have built in November this year. It is a e-glass fly rod blank, 2pc at 7'6" rated at 5wt.

Just manages to capture a few photos during the process..

Brown wrapping with gold trimming

Brown agate stripping

The brown wrapping darken after epoxy making the gold trimming more outstanding.

Epoxy process

The handle

The completed rod.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Simply "Hot" Rod

This simply hot rod was built on a Lamiglas blank.

This 7 footer blank is rated 12-25lb and plenty of lifting power for a spinning rod.

Polyurethane reel seat arbor inserted to a custom gloss black painted Fuji DPSM size #17.

Fuji K-Guides for this spinning rod.

Split handle set up

That is why I call this a "Hot" rod.....  Rodskinz 'Fire' was used to create the firery effect.      
I epoxied the 'Fire' Rodskinz to the blank before fixing up the grips and reel seat.

The completed handle.

Metallic gold wrapping for the rod.

Completed "HOT" Rod......