Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NFC Heavy BLUE spin

This is 1 of 2 heavy NFC spinning rod which I have completed just before my fishing trip last week.

This 7 footer North Fork blank is rated at 12-25lb.

Handle setting.

EVA foregrip , Fuji VSS reel seat and rear grip.

Split butt section with aluminum deco butt cap.

Guides setting

Guide wrapped in black and blue trimming.

Rod decal

After epoxy.



Thursday, May 22, 2014

My "Just-in-time" Vertical Jigging rod for my trip...

This trip was unplanned and I thought my light jigging rod which I built a few months ago was good enough for this trip... then I was advised to use a heavier setup.

I have less than 2 weeks to build myself another jigging rod for this upcoming trip. Going through the bunch of jigging blanks I have, I found this 2pc butt joint PE 1-3 jigging blank.

Well, let's build this up..

I used whatever suitable parts I have got and it turned out to be quite okay, I guess.

Half way job on the wrapping jig..

Glad I have this resin insert double locking nut reel seat from PacBay. I bought this reel seat quite some time ago and not sure what to do with it as it is kind of too big for normal spinning rod.

Fuji Alconite K-guide for this jigging rod wrapped in orange.

This rod is still on the drying machine when I took this photo.
A simple underwrap under the guide foot.

The completed rod...

Click here to find out about my fishing trip..

Monday, May 19, 2014

MINI weight BAMBOO rod in ONE piece

This bamboo blank was made by a fellow local bamboo rod maker which have been making bamboo rods even before I learned to do mine.

Measured at 5 feet plus, this blank definitely need to be extended. But before that, 2 coating of SPAR urethane was given to the blank and let dry for 24 hours.

A carbon graphite blank was used to extend the length of this bamboo rod to 5'6" which is just nice for little streams.

Half wells cork grip and a down locking burled wood insert reel seat for this bamboo rod.

Light wire snake guides and Pearsall's Silk 'Golden Rod' for this rod.

A glimpse of the bamboo rod before a thin epoxy coating is applied to the wrappings.

Translucent finish after epoxy coating.

The completed mini 'noodle' bamboo rod...