Saturday, January 23, 2010

The difference between local native bamboo and tonkin bamboo

I know that there is a big difference in strength and the color between this 2 types of bamboo. Tonkin is called the 'king' of bamboo by some. It has superior strength compared to other species of bamboo and there is no doubt about that.

One thing very obvious between tonkin and my local native bamboo is at the nodes. The nodes in tonkin bamboo is white and sometimes same color as the bamboo.

The nodes in tonkin bamboo still remain white after flaming

The differences can easily be spotted. The nodes in our local native bamboo is darker in color compared to tonkin bamboo. Whereas, the color of the nodes in tonkin bamboo blend in nicely.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking of a hollow built...

They always say.. bamboo rod is heavy unlike modern glass and graphite rods. No doubt about it because it is solid.

A way to take off some weight of the bamboo rod is by hollowing it. I don't think hollowing is done to the tip section, but it can be done at the butt section where most of the weight is. The 1st hollow built fly rod was built way back in 1933 by Edwin C. Powell and he patented it.

Later Lew Stoner of The Winston Rod Company devised a different hollowing method called "fluting". Having the inner apex of the bamboo planed off making a concave channel at the center line.

A lot of bamboo rod makers are building hollow built fly rods and that gives me the urge to build one myself... in time to come.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bamboo rod maker's worst nightmare...

........... is having to straighten these kind of bamboo strips...

It takes like forever having to make them straight ... no kidding.

And here's where the "forever" is taking place..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project "Flame"

Never tried this before and I am not sure how the flaming will turn out...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finishing my 2nd BOO

It took me quite awhile to figure out what thread and color to be use for this rod. Done up a few samples and finally, I just go with Gudebrod Silk Beige (832) for the wraps and trim with Gudebrod Silk Med Brown. I used Pac Bay's lite wire snake guides and a Mildrum stripper guide on this rod.

I still remembered the spiraled thread over clear white silk wrappings which I did for my Lamiglas sometime back. This design wrapping was first done by Yuhina ( Mark ) of the fiberglassflyrodders forum and then Gypsy ( another Mark ) did the same design for a friend of mine. It is kinda difficult to do this wrapping and I have yet to master it. You can still see some flaws on the spiral wraps.

I did the same for the bamboo ferrules.

It's almost done now...

... just pending a name on the rod and a final coat of varnish.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Making my own fly reel seat

Nothing fancy. Just a basic sliding band reel seat.
The sliding band is actually a ring which for bought for 5 bucks each at some ladies accessory shop last year. Wanted to do this project a long time ago.

Since I am finishing up my bamboo rod, I took this opportunity or rather a reason for me to make my own reel seat. I do not have a turning lathe machine or any of the lathe accessories. I am using the basic tool that I have, that is an axe, hand drill, clamp and rod holder with bearing.
YES, I use an axe.

You will know why when you look at the photographs.

That piece of tree have been laying in my driveway for almost year.

Cut a section of around 4" to 5" , clamp it down vertically and make a hole through the wood. I tried to make it precisely at the center , but it was impossible to do it with the hand drill.

I used the axe to shape it round and then used a threaded bar to hold the wood to the drill for lathing.

Here's the secret.

That is what I used to shape the reel seat.

Above is the so-called "prototype" reel seat which I made. Not so satisfied with the 1st one, I made another.

This is the 2nd one. Much nicer than the 1st one and that's the ring I use for the sliding band. The color of the wood looks pale because it was not treated yet.

The color of the wood looks much more better after treating it with urethane.

And this is how my sliding band reel seat turn out to be.


I am 2 hours and 26 minutes into the new 2010..................
Funny it may seems that January 2009 was merely yesterday.
Oh well.. it's just another 365 days to go...

I guess my new bamboo ferrule rod will be born in 2010.
I am still figuring how shall I finish it off.

Well....... SO LONG 2009!!! It was nice having you around..