Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recycling PALMS

How often do you recycle parts from your broken rods? Hmmm.. Let me rephrase that question, how often do you break a rod? LOL... Some broken rods are worthy to have their components recycled and some don't.  I am sure you would not want to have a custom rod done up with the USED cheap low quality components.

Normally the guides and quik-lock can be savaged easily but reel seat and butt cap are case to case basis.

These are the guides savaged from the rod. The condition is still good despite of some dirt around the rings. After some soaking and brushing, it will look like brand new... at least from afar.    

All the components will be on this MHX blank.

I will try to retain its' original design as close as possible but using EVA foam handle. A new Fuji ACS reel seat with the old KDPS quik-lock from Palms.

Slight different at the butt section. I fixed a butt cap instead of the eva butt.

Putting it all together and it look something like the old design...

A new winding check in front of the fore grip.

The new decal for the new rod.

The guides up. Same number of guides used.

A full view handle of the completed rod.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The RED SAGE wannabe..

This is a 9' 5wt 4 section red blank. The color is quite similar to SAGE fly rod in red.

The components used are also similar to SAGE. Full wells Grade AAA cork grip and anodized black uplocking aluminum reel seat with a little fighting butt at the bottom.

Hybrid graphite arbors for the reel seat.

Testing fitting the handle.

ALPS titanium zirconium strip guides and REC snake guides.

A closer look at the titanium guide

I used RED nylon thread to give the similar looks as the SAGE rod. The epoxy finished thread will be slightly translucent and the guide foot will be seen after epoxy.

Rod decal was not available and as per request, hand cribble will do...

Completed product...

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rod Building MARATHON

How often do you do last minute shopping for a rod for an impromptu fishing trip?  Well, in my case it is the same but instead of buying, I am building myself a rod for so-called last minute trip. 

I have a day to complete the rod for my trip , I have to take into consideration for the epoxy to cure and dry.

This light jigging rod will have only essential components and no fancy wrapping. The blank, guides and handle.

Started the project on Friday 16th September 2016 - 6.13pm

Setting up and epoxy the handle right up to wrapping the guides and some interference in between, I managed to get it around 1:00 in the morning.

Started the epoxy prep work right after that and then epoxy. I managed to complete the epoxy around 2:00 in the morning.

The epoxy set and cured in the morning

The simplest and comfortable reel seat  handle that I could find in my drawer.

Fuji KR concept guides.

Long handle for jigging rod

EVA butt cap.

This rod officially completed on the Saturday 17th September 2016, 10.00am in the morning.

The rod still have 18 hours for the epoxy to properly dried  and free from tackiness.

The last of LAMI EXCEL blank ( 8-20lb 7' ) Baitcasting Rod

I had 3 of these blanks for the past 2 years and this built is the last piece of the Lamiglas Excel blanks in stock.

LGC-XL844G 7'0" , 8-20lb Lure wt. 1/4- 5/8oz. 

Reel seat setting.

Fuji ACS custom painted gloss black and KDPS black hood.

Handle setup.

SEA-GUIDE Titanium SiC guides. This set of guides is less than 3 grams, all 11 pieces.

Black and metallic copper thread wrapping.

Spiral guide placement.. and the last guide is always off centered.

Overall twist and turn....

Lamiglas decal. 

Decal after epoxy.

This blank doesn't come with the blank detail decal. Guessed this is the best that I can do.

The rear end. ALPS butt cap.

After epoxy

Handle view.

Refurbishment the ROD OF STEEL

I must admit .. I tucked this at one corner for a year now , I guess.
Trying to look for the agate guides for replacement but could not find any.

The last resort would be putting up the steel guides as replacement. The cork handle have been fully replaced.

This is the rod of steel I was talking about.

The Heddon "Life-Pal" steel baitcasting rod was produced in the 30's era.

Refurbished rod with new guides and new cork grip to the handle.

I don't think the owner will use it.. :) but it's still a great piece antique for wall hung decoration.