Monday, December 5, 2016

Jigging rod with Cork Handle

Just completed this yesterday.. Nothing fancy here but just the cork grips and fighting butt. Lightly rated at PE 1-2.5

Fuji T-DPS reel seat with blue aluminum trim and cork rear grip.
Setting up the handle.

The length of the butt end section with cork fighting butt.

Cork fore grip on KDPS quick lock.

Under wrapping before putting on the guides.

Fuji LC low rider guides in black frame. My bad.. I have to re-guide this rod.
It supposedly to be a spiral wrap but I did it straight

Removed and rewrapped to spiral guide placement.

Rod decal after 2 epoxy coating.

Rear view of the rear cork grip.. :)

Bottom half..

Overall view..

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

United Composites USA - Ultralight

This is the lightest UL rod that I have built so far, it can be lighter though. The blank itself is 44grm.

The blank: 6' with the rating of 4-10lb

Fuji skeleton reel seat with carbon tube insert, EVA grips and fighting butt.

SG- titanium guides with zirconium ring.
This bunch of guides just weigh in at 1 grm.

Handle set up.

Mirco guide system ( MGS ) layout.

The complete rod.

Rod weighting session on my digital scale and recorded weight of 95 grm.
It could still be lighter.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Black Hole Cape Cod Special "SLOW PITCH" PE 1.5-4

A Korean made PE 4.0 jigging blank from Black Hole with the length of 1.98m

ALPS titanium Zirconium ring guides.

ALPS custom painted reel seat.

Reel seat testing.

Fore and rear EVA grip.

EVA butt with aluminum trim.

Spiral placement guides with under wrapping.


Double wrapping

Over view of the full handle.

Overview of the completed rod.

BARBARIAN..the solid carbon

This solid carbon blank is not my cup of tea...  😃
It's a tough blank but heavy. 

Building it as light as possible with ALPS skeleton reel seat for spinning setup.
Reel seat setting up

Fuji K-guides

The handle without the butt cap

Guides done.

The Killing Rod...

Missed out the photo of the butt view....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Recycling PALMS

How often do you recycle parts from your broken rods? Hmmm.. Let me rephrase that question, how often do you break a rod? LOL... Some broken rods are worthy to have their components recycled and some don't.  I am sure you would not want to have a custom rod done up with the USED cheap low quality components.

Normally the guides and quik-lock can be savaged easily but reel seat and butt cap are case to case basis.

These are the guides savaged from the rod. The condition is still good despite of some dirt around the rings. After some soaking and brushing, it will look like brand new... at least from afar.    

All the components will be on this MHX blank.

I will try to retain its' original design as close as possible but using EVA foam handle. A new Fuji ACS reel seat with the old KDPS quik-lock from Palms.

Slight different at the butt section. I fixed a butt cap instead of the eva butt.

Putting it all together and it look something like the old design...

A new winding check in front of the fore grip.

The new decal for the new rod.

The guides up. Same number of guides used.

A full view handle of the completed rod.