Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I promised my friend that I will make him a rod, but I forgot to tell him the date and the duration when he will get it...

He ended up waiting "half of the pregnancy" before he got his rod.

: )

This is a new 2012 blank model from MHX.  At 6' of length and rated at 6-10lb.

For the reel seat, it will be a FUJI ACS gloss painted with carbon tube insert at the exposed blank window.

Testing fitting of rear EVA grip.
Another black and red theme with full length EVA handle.

Choices of KDPS foregrip from Matagi.

Eni meni mini moe............................. and he picked the one right in front of his nose.

Matching KDPS carbon printed hood for the reel seat.

Simple metallic red trims on the wrapping.

More guides.....

Finally done. For a moment, it seems like I have been wrapping the guides forever...

My scribbling and the rod decal...

And it goes on the drying jig for epoxy.

Lastly, the butt cap attached.

The next day after the rod was collected, it went for a test drive at a jungle perch spot.. landed a few palm size but the large ones always got away..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

WW - High Modulus MHX

This is the 1st time I have got the chance to built a rod from a high modulus blank from MHX. HM-DS8515 at a length of 7'1" and rated 8-12lb with sensitive tip for extra fast action.

The rod will be finished with all Matagi components of purple.

Custom gloss black painted reel seat by Matagi.

Initial stage would be planning the design of the handle and fabrication of the handle.

The proposed design..

Eventually it ended up with a curvy groove.

Test fitting the handle.

Detachable butt cap for balancer plate.

The carbon imprinted KDPS was finished off with an EVA fore grip and a purple aluminium trim ring.

Matching metallic thread for wrapping

Metallic purple wrapping was used for finishing in front of the fore grip as there isn't any lip stick winding check in purple colour.

Test wrapping

All guides are up

The weight of the rod without the balancer plate is at 118g.

And with the balancer plate is weighs at 127g.

Laying the custom rod decal before epoxying.


Double layer of Threadmaster epoxy.

The blank came with a rod sock.

It's  done... well, not perfectly done but will try to do it better next time..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A simple K-guided SPINNING rod

This will be a very simple 6'6" 6-12lb spinning rod. A straight forward built with MHX blank and Fuji standard Versatile spinning reel seat.

The EVA fighting butt used for the end. Simple feather inlay was done at the split butt area.

Anti tangle K-guides

part of the K-guides on the rod.

 And when it is all done....