Friday, March 24, 2017

BLACK Charcoal - Jigging Rod


I was supposed to build up this sample blank for testing last year but had to postponed it so that I could clear some of the back logs orders and rod repair works.

This jigging rod will be as simple as it will get.. It will have the basic trimming and nothing more..  Minimalist...

Standard fuji trigger KDPS reel seat #20, foregrip , rear grip and the fighting butt

Jigging handle setup

One of the common problem of salt water rod is the rusting of the guides.
Of course, it may not be an instant problem but it will weaken the guide foots and who knows when it will fall apart.

I used SG Titanium RSOL guides for this rod. Titanium frame for rust free and the RSOL rings are thinner compared to normal ceramic rings. It has superior thermal conductivity and high friction toughness. All I can say is that it is comparable to Fuji Torzite but a relatively cheaper.

An under layer wrapping was done and coated with epoxy before the guides  placed  and wrap over it.

Static load test before epoxying the guide.  Load testing on the spiral guides to check the guide tilting angle and also the guide spacing

Rod decal.

Epoxy wrapping finishes on the guides

Spiral guide placement 

Rear view of the rod.

Butt section

The completed rod

And this rod weighs at 190 grm.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cork Handle extension - EVERGREEN

A heavy poundage rod with a short handle really will irk the angler when not able to control the rod when fighting a 'big' fish. Some prefer not to use it anymore and just put it aside as it is troublesome to get the butt extended.

Recently I have this butt extension project for a 8-20 pounder rod with a full cork handle.  Need to extend 3 1/2". 

This is the original condition and length of the rod.

One section of the cork ring have to be sacrificed in order to remove the butt cap. 

After the butt cap was removed, insertion of the extended blank are done.
Then the cork rings are stacked and glued to the blank.

After 24 hours, the cork handle was lathed carefully  so that the shape of the new cork handle matches the old handle. This will give a seamless joint between the old and new handle.

The holes are then patched before the handle is coated with the cork seal.
Last, to glue the butt cap back to position.

Friday, March 3, 2017

MHX Medium action spiral baitcasting rod

Another full cork rear handle rod in the making. Many prefers this kinda cork handle nowadays. I don't know why... maybe it's trending now. Why not EVA? Why cork? Is it better??  For all I know, it's still a very personal preference. Some love it and some don't...

Stacked cork ready to be latch..

Testing fitting the components before putting them together.

I have to make sure that all really fits well before epoxying them together.
Normal I will do this a few times , just to be sure.

These guides are from ALPS with zirconium rings. Had no problem with them for all the rods that I have built . Spiral guide placement.


EVA fore grip with MHX decal in the front.

Another closer look at the handle.


Overall view of the handle. Very simple.

 .....and finishing it off with a big M..............Matagi butt cap