Thursday, June 30, 2016

CRB 12-25 Heavy Cover

Here's another heavy cover rod that I managed to complete recently.

Basic ingredients are CRB blank, ALPS MVT reel seat and SEA-GUIDE guides.

SEA-GUIDE KR concept guides

Rubberize cork butt with decorative trimming.

Setting up of EVA grips

Aluminum trimming between reel seat and rear grip.

A closer look at the decorative trimming at the butt cap.

Reel seat full handle setup and test fit.

Guide wrapping - Black thread with metallic red trim

Epoxy over rod decal.

Epoxy over guide wrapping.

Completed epoxy to guides.

Guide lined up

Completed rod ...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

United Composite 5'6" 4-10lb midget

This is the 9th rod for 2016... It's already the beginning of the 2nd half of 2016 and I guess I am slightly behind target. :)

The blank used for this rod is from United Composite, it is 5'6" in length rated at 4-10 pound. Custom built to be a single hand casting rod with cork grip split handle.

I have never tried doing a split handle for single hand casting grip as it is only around 5" long but no harm trying.

Fuji skeleton trigger reel seat with aluminum insert and screw from Matagi.

Done with the little fighting butt and on with the rear grip.

MATAGI butt cap

Lathed rear cork grip

Fitting the handle

Fuji guide setting

Trying out the new Fuji titanium RV guide. It was said to have a faster and smoother line control when casting. It is very light and perfectly sized to work with any low profile bait casting reel.

After epoxy.

Guides layout

And for the fine touch... as usual I will apply the cork seal to the cork handle.

A photo showing before and after the Cork Seal was applied to the cork handle.
You will not see much difference aesthetically and it feels the same too, but it gives you better protection to the cork handle and prolong its' life span.

It took about 6 weeks to complete this, hope its' owner is happy about having his ideas turning into reality.