Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Quick Spinning UL

While waiting for the components and parts for my other rod projects, I did another simple spinning rod with whatever suitable parts I have.

CRB UL 5'6" 2-4lb blank, Fuji DNPSM Ergonomic spinning reel seat custom gloss black with KDPS quick lock, Fuji Alconite guides and a simple fighting butt.

Fitted in the polyurethane arbor before fixing up the reel seat.

The guides.

The rod decal.

The handle.

I finished off the fighting butt with a plug and it turn to just nice and light too.

The completed rod.

Now, it is in my shelf waiting for a buyer... : )

Monday, August 13, 2012

Heavy duty "QUICKIE" over the weekend.

I needed something heavier for my up coming trip up north soon but the heaviest rod I have is a 10-17lb. I need one slightly heavier than that.

While waiting for the rod components to be deliver for my other rod project,  I built this one over the weekend.

Set and shaped the handles on Friday night.

I used whatever I can find in my rod parts box. This is just one basic casting rod with EVA grips, reel seat and a guides.

The next day, after gluing up the grip and reel seat, the guides are wrapped.

Not able to find any correct sizes of the winding check for the split grip area, I finished it off with wrapping.

For the front, no fore grip. Just the FUJI winding check with wrapping thread and a hook keeper wrapping in blue.

Overall, the split grip handle look like this.

And the front...

Then for the epoxy..

The next day...

No butt cap for this rod, just a butt plug. I guess it don't look too ugly after all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Replacing cork grip on my old McFarland fly rod

I built this fiberglass fly rod about 5 years back, and that was before I started this blog.

I got this fiberglass rod blanks from McFarland. 3pc , 7.5ft and weight 5.
Some photos of this rod being built.

The handle of this parabolic rod was found cracked at the mid section last year but don't have the time to change it.

Well, since I took out this rod for cleaning, I might as well do it up.

Had the reel seat removed and the old cork handle stripped.

Cork rings and a couple of rubberised rings was stacked, glued and left there for a couple of days for the glue to cured.

Then was sanded

And the new cork grip and reel seat was assemble..