Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2/3 WT WHITE fiberglass fly rod

This is a new series... well, not so new as of now.. translucent white fiberglass fly rod blank that I received a few months ago.

It has got lesser dirt in the blank wall. The quality of the fiberglass blank has improve tremendously compared to those I got a few years back.

Going to built it simple with a burled wood insert downlocking reel seat and a reverse half wells cork handle.

Prep stripping guide and snake guide.

Pearsall's Silk Thread for wrapping.

Silk wrapped..

First epoxy coating

Finishing coat

The overall view of the completed rod.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Completing my 9 months old project - PacBay 6' 6-10lb

Half way done and tucked in 1 corner of the room, left unnoticed until spring cleaning. I guess it was time to have it completed and fish. Just found out that I don't have any light weight tackle and with this I hope I have all the range needed..

Trying to use up the balance of the abalone veneer left over from my previous rod project. It would be sufficient to cover the split butt section and the intermediate section between the skeleton reel seat.

The abalone overlay to the rod blank are done before any other components are fixed. A few layers of epoxy coating was applied onto the veneer.

Setting up of the handle.

ALPS micro guide setting

Matagi butt cap on the fighting butt 

The whole handle length..

The guides wrapped and epoxy

All done and ready for my next fishing trip...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just the HANDLES

Nothing much happening in the month of April 2015, just the reconfiguration of the MEGABASS rod and building up 2 rod handles.

The 2 heavy heavy blanks and the required components are flown in from Miri, Sarawak.

Building up a cork grip for a big rod is not as simple for fly rods or normal fishing rods although the procedures of making the cork handle were meant to be same.

This is the only photo of the rod which I just manage take before it was wrapped up for shipment.