Tuesday, October 27, 2015

CLEAR WHITE fiberglass UL fly rod

Completed this UL fiberglass fly rod 2 weeks back but have yet to test it..

Uplocking burled wood insert with engraved band and locking nut.

Translucent clear white fiberglass fly rod blank with winding check at the cork grip.

Can't see much of the fly rod against the white color background.

Hope I would get a chance to test it in the garden over this coming weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fiberglass AmbeR 6'6" 2/3wt Fly Rod

This is the last piece of such blank in my keeping. I want to finish this fly rod with the standard simplest way a fly rod should be. No fancy inlays and no fancy wrapping.

Amber is the color of this fiberglass blank. It is neither orange nor yellow. Not brown either. 

The handle setup was done many months ago. This project was put on hold for my jigging rod built.

Half wells cork grip with timber insert up locking reel seat.

I prefer to use nylon threads on fly rods. I just love the effect of the threads when it is coated with epoxy.

After the wrapping was epoxy.

No decals but just hand sketch of the rod info on the rod

And to finish off this rod, the cork handle are sealed with cork seal.

and done..

Friday, October 2, 2015

Maroon '5' from Langkawi

The 'maroon' blank travels 420 km to reach me.. Yes, 420 km from Langkawi island to Puchong.

Not sure of the origin of this blank, but it's a 4 section graphite blank with fast action and rated at 5wt according to the owner of the blank.

Handle set up for this fly rod. Full wells cork grip, down locking reel seat with burl wood insert and the EVA bottom fighting butt.

Standard snake guides

Nylon 'scarlet' thread for the wrapping. 

Wrapping of the stripping guide before epoxy. 

This is how it look after epoxy. I must say the 'scarlet' thread really goes well with this blank.

Completed the guide wrapping pending epoxy.

Done with the epoxy

And finally, seal up the cork handle