Monday, February 22, 2016

MHX 6'6" 8-14# : Another basic BC

Just completed another piece. Basic split grip design with spiral guides placement.

Handle setup with KDPS quick lock and EVA foregrip

Again, another practice session on this fish weaving design and I still can't get it 100% right.

The rod decal goes on next to the fish weave 

After 2 layer of epoxy and the blank is now ready for the guides.

The owner of this rod preferred to have a spiral guide placement for this rod and here it goes.

The last guide is not at 0* and I believe that the last guide should be set to "centralized" the line when retrieving.

"Centralized" here meaning having the line at the center of the blank and when we are retrieving in the line will not be lop side in the spool.

Load testing the blank and the spiral guide placement.

Then 2 coating of epoxy on the wrapping and I am done.

Epoxy on the wrapping.

The handle

Another view of the handle

Built by yours truly

and guess what...
the rod weighs only at 124 grams on the digital scale.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Matagi UL for upcoming UAG Southern series 2016

2nd rod for this year is another MATAGI hollow fiberglass blank ultralight built. I did that the same fish weaving design on it. Just thought I need more practice to get it right.

It is far from what I expected it to be. Still need more practice, I guess.
Partially finish.

KR concept Fuji k-guides

After a few coating of epoxy

Adding shadow lines effect to MATAGI rod decal

Grey and black camo EVA for the split handle. Clean and simple handle with no winding checks.

No winding check

K-guides line up

and the butt cap....

This rod is now ready for the Ultralight Anglers Gathering -  Southern series 2016 in Melaka on the 28th February..  YEAH!!!!

Here are more photos of the rod taken under the bright blue sky..