Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lamiglass SA... My LAST rod

This Lamiglas blank have been laying around on my rack for almost a month before the parts are complete for me to start working on it.

This was the last rod that I built in my old house. Just manage to finished it up before I shift to my new cave.

This was the original set up of the handle. Black gloss painted ACS reel seat with EVA split butt.
Carbon tube split handle have not been added in the earlier stage.

Workshop painted ACS.

Subsequently, the carbon tube was added in and that makes a whole lot of difference.

Next was the guides installation.

Simple black NCP thread wrapping with metallic silver trim

I tried something different on the double foot guides. Double wrapping, underlay wrapping or cushioning... or something like that. I always have trouble with those rod building jargon.

Metallic silver thread wrapping to finish off at the front of the reel seat.

Done with the guides.

And the finished rod.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

NIF Phenix UL Rod

This is the 3rd Phenix UL blank I built which all are ultra light trout rod blanks.

Elixir Series blank from Phenix paired with Andrew's aluminum flat face trigger reel seat with burled wood insert from Matagi. This is a 2 piece blank and will have a spiral placement guides on it.

Normally it is not recommended but since it's an ultra light rod, I don't see any harm doing it. How big of a fish this rod will take anyway... I am sure it will not twist the rod during the 'fight'

Cork rings are glued and stack before it was shaped. Vintage looking reel seat are best match to cork grips.
Now the dilemma of shaping the grip...  Not having a firm decision of what type or shape of butt cap to be used. Square perfume cap or round bottle cap ?

Tried the square one but it just don't fit into the picture. Just not right. I have to go for the round bottle cap.

The fore grip was pretty much a standard. It was the rear grip that I have a slight problem.

This is the 2nd try, by the way. The 1st one was totally screwed....

Well, it still looked too thick , I guess...
Back to the drill lath.

And finally, we stopped here. Looks great.

This is how it looks after it was fitted onto the blank.

Guide placement setting.

Guides up. Those guides are not tape with masking tape but white color silk thread.

Silk thread wrapping on single foot guide. Now you see......

Now you don't.................
I have always fascinated with silk thread. It turned transparent after it comes into contact with epoxy.

A couple of thinned layer epoxy was applied to the wrapping. The epoxy coating cannot be too thick as it will load the tip of the rod. Less is always better on ultra light rods like this.

Static load test was done twice. Once before epoxy and then when the rod is completed.

This rod was tested by my fanatic ultra light rodder friend, Gerard.
(Photos courtesy of Gerard)

And I must say, this little rod turns out to be real good... I quote the rod owner.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

PB Buster

Another MHX blank built light action bait casting rod.

Blank model SJ782 MHX at 6'6" of length and rated 6-12lb. This is the 2nd SJ782 blank I used to build a bait casting rod. It has got nice tip action and a strong backbone.

Matagi components are used for this built.

Open front with carbon tube fore grip on KDPS, mounted on a FUJI ACS reel seat. Split EVA handle on the clear carbon tube.

I finished off the open front of the reel seat with an aluminum trim.

A final check on the back spine of the blank  before the guides goes on it

Simple black wrapping with metallic silver trim.

As for the fore grip area, metallic silver wrapping with duo black trimming at the centre.

Then inverted wrapping , black thread wrapping with duo silver trimming at the centre holding the Fuji hook keeper.

Peacock Bass decal on one side.....

and rod decal on the other.

Epoxy work on the rod drying jig.

Epoxy done...

And the outcome..

Close up on the termination part.