Monday, June 23, 2014

ODD Colors Edition - Flouro Green

I have been trying out odd colors wrapping on fly blanks. The last time was nylon Lime Green which gives translucent effects on the blank.

This time around on a 6' 6" 3pc 3wt fiberglass blank , I used color-fast thread in Fluorescent green. I don't expect the thread to turned dark or translucent, it will be slightly in darker shade I think.

Finished wrapping and ready for epoxy.

After epoxy.. obviously, the thread color remain the same. Did not see any changes to the color.

Outstanding color. I bet this color will look really nice on a black blank but that is another project...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Fiberglass fly rod - The 6'9" YELLOW Bugger #3

This YELLOW blank have been "standing" at the corner of my working bench at least for 6 months before I could find the time to finish it up.

Piece by piece...
Initially I planned to recycle this butt cap and sliding band but was changed to a chrome finished parts.

The 1st layer of thread winding check on the cork grip.

Finish layer of the front check pending epoxy.

Agate stripped guide wrapped with Gudebrod classic twist thread.

After epoxy finishing.

The completed full cork handle.

Baitcasting - IWE's NFC (SM) 8-15lb 6'6"

Blank used: NFC (sm) 8-15lb 6'6"
Handle Components: 70% MATAGI
Guides: Fuji Alconite K-guide

Some photos during the course of building the rod.


Carbon tube insert

Handle setting

Fixing up of handle and epoxy to rod decal.

Fitting EVA foregrip with winding check


Handle before balancing and installation of butt cap.

With epoxy

Completed rod.

Monday, June 9, 2014

St Croix UL with TRANSLUCENT handle in RED.

This St Croix UL 2-6lb 5' SC3 blank was tucked in the corner for more than 3 months before the owner decided to have it built and that took me another 3 months to complete.

I think that is ONE of its' kind here for now.

Translucent Andrew's Fishing aluminum trigger baitcasting reel seat. Very unique. I have to find a winding check of similar color to close off the front of the reel seat.

Red wrapping with single silver metallic thread trim across the guide foot.

After epoxy.

Short cork grip handle with EVA foregrip.

Different angle of the handle.

MATAGI translucent resin butt cap that matches the reel seat.

Micro guides.

NFC Heavy PURPLE spin

This rod is similar to the BLUE NFC which I built earlier. Just some minor difference with the EVA handles and components.

Purple wrapping with purple metallic trim.

The completed handle

The PURPLE and BLUE rod.