Monday, December 29, 2014

Phenix Elixir UL 6'6" 2-6lb

This is the last of the ultra light rod for 2014.. Phenix Elixir UL.

The components

ALPS guides

Rod decal

Handle test fitting

Found that the exposed blank at the split butt section abit too thin.
So, I added a small section of carbon tube and 2 dimpled winding check to finish off to the cork grip and butt section.

Spiral guide placement for this tiny rod.
There is no problem using the spiral guides placement for this 2 piece UL bait casting rod. The top over butt joint will not turn as there will not be much force applied to this ultra light set up.

Static load test

Jungle cock feather for alignment marker.

Completed rod

MHX 6'6" 12-25lb Heavy Lifter

I managed to finish a couple of rods before closing up for 2015.


This is another 12-25lb 6'6" for heavy cover. A simple built for its' functionality and within the budget given.

The components consisted of a Fuji ACS reel seat, KDPS, MHX blanks, ALPS zirconium ring guides, CAMO EVA and a MATAGI butt cap.

MHX rod decal before epoxy.

Guides lined up..

Completed rod handle

Close up of fore grip area

Butt handle view

The completed rod

Sunday, December 14, 2014

MHX Blend & CRB back to back

I have been away for a week for a break. When I got back, I really have to work a little faster to clear some of the backlog.

I started on this 2 blanks MHX Blend 6'9" 10-17lb and CRB 6' 6-10lb concurrently. The CRB was shortened to 5'6" as per requested by the owner.

Both of these rods have some similarity in the design of the handles.
The CRB used standard Fuji ACS reel seat with KDPS quick lock while the MHX used custom colour ALPS Textouch reel seats. The good thing about this ALPS reel seat is that they come with a double locking nut for the hook.

Guide wrapping completed.
Black thread with silver spiral trim for the CRB and nylon blue color thread for MHX.

I epoxy the wrapping for the MHX first as this owner need it for a fishing trip and I have 2 days for finish this rod.

Please note that the light blue wrapping turns darker after epoxy. That is the nature of nylon threads when it comes in contact with epoxy.

Part of the upper handle.

The handle.

Another view of the handle.

 The epoxy dried in time before it was sent away.

Now, for the CRB. As mentioned earlier, the spiral trim with black thread wrapping.

The completed rod.

And the completed rod look something like that..

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JCM LamiExcel ALPS "JBC" Rod

Another Lamiglas Excel blank being built. 8-20lb and 7' in length.
Putting in a rubberised ALPS reel seat and American Tackle Typhoon guides to this rod.

Foregrip yet to be lathe.

I am not sure whether the call this a bait casting rod or a jigging rod. This built was intended for bait casting but with a slightly longer handle for ease of manoeuvre on a kayak.

The rear grip are flatten on both sides for the comfort snuggling at the arm pit.

Wrapping in between the split grip.

Wrapping to guides.

Spiral guide placement.

Completed rod

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MHX 6'6" 2-6lb KR Concept UL Spinning

I have built a few UL rods recently and most of it are in 1 section. This time a 2 piece UL rod. Building a 1 piece rod is no difference from a 2 piece rod, just have to make sure the spine is aligned to each other.

Found some loose pieces of Pacbay skeleton spinning reel seat laying around in my rod parts drawer and I decided to use it. The locking hood and threaded barrel are from Fuji. Carbon tube insert was used for the mix and match skeleton reel seat.

After getting this fix, then I realised it looked like the reel seat used for Daiwa Aird. Just that they did not use carbon tube insert.

The completed handle.

Fuji KR guide system with size #4.5 guides at the top.
Black thread wrapping to the guide with 1 coating of epoxy.

Now the fun part. Metallic marbling effect was done to the 2nd coating of epoxy.
Have to do it really thin as I want to minimise the weight added to the rod especially the tip area. 

Marbling effect also applies the the wrapping at the winding checks.

The completed MHX- KR Concept Guide system