Sunday, December 18, 2011

Completing AMZ St Croix Fuchsia 63MLXF

It did not took me that long to finish off this rod. I was away for a fishing trip but that was another story.

Anyway, it started off with the thread selection. 

The purple or the red....?

It was not that hard to choose. The purple looks to monotonous and I would go for the red...
Eventually it will be darker after epoxy.

Wrapping of the hook keeper and  K-guides with the red nylon thread. 

After the epoxy, the red thread looks more like maroon color.

The final touch at the butt section... and done

After completed this rod, I took a short break and no rod building for a couple of weeks.

6th May 2012

Here's an up date of the rod in action.
Photo courtesy of M. Azmari

My next project will be a Japanese blank.... and camo grip..

And here's the preview...