Friday, July 29, 2016

MOCHA 6'6" 3pc 3wt Fast action glass fly rod

Started this many many months ago, but just finished the epoxy a few days back. 

This is a 3 sections fiberglass fly rod with spigot ferrule measured at 6'6" when put together.

Nicely designed blank taper which give it a fast action with lots of power at the mid and butt section and yet not losing the feel of a fiberglass rod.

Giving it a simple straight cork grip. Stacking and gluing the cork rings directly on the blank.

After having to lathed. Perfectly straight.

Down locking reel seat with burled wood insert.

The bare rod with only handle on.

Getting the guides on. Wrapped with brown nylon thread. Fiberglass fly rods always goes nicely with nylon threads wrapping.

Done with the epoxy.

Straight cork grip

Agate stripping guide

Signed and done....

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Привет мои российские товарищи ..

Спасибо за посещение моего блога..


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ultralight BC North Fork Composite

This will be the last ultralight bait casting rod that I will build for myself..... I hope.

I have a 4-8lb bait casting rod and wanted one slightly lighter, I dug up the stock of blanks that I have and I found what I needed... a 2-6lb, 6'6" North fork composite blank.

Since the 4-8lb rod was using Fuji skeleton reel seat, I wanted something different. Getting bored of Fuji components and so I planned to use components of other brands.

This skeleton reel seat is from Sea-Guide. Looks kind of unique but I took me awhile figuring how to mount it on the blank, until I saw the similar reel seat being used by a rod builder from USA.

I mean seeing is one thing, but I still have to find the suitable material to use for the installation of the reel seat.

Elevation view of the reel seat mounted on the blank for test fitting

Bottom view.

Reel seat aluminum trim and a small straight EVA rear grip on the reel seat.

The handle set up before epoxy.

I made some changes at the fighting butt to make it more interesting. The earlier version was just too plain.

Then I decided on the hood. Plain carbon tube with silver aluminum trim to finish off at the top.

The guides are from ALPS. Titanium frame SiC ring micro guides size #4.5 - #6.

On with the rod decal.

And epoxy.

The guides wrapped. I only put up the guides after getting the decal done.
That's the first coat.

Final coating.

ALPS butt cap

The handle

Completed rod with micro guides.

Just a quick update on the rod testing..

I was using a 4lb fire line in the Quantum Smoke reel.
Tested with LC Wander 60 (6.2 grams) and a few other micro lures and have no problem casting 5 grams to 14 grams lure.

Caught this peacock bass on a spin fly .

Saturday, July 16, 2016


One thing that I seldom do is parts salvaging ... especially for reel seat. It is just too time consuming. But I had this reel seat for quite some time and it took me 4 man hours to remove the blank from the reel seat.

The parts that manage to be salvaged are the reel seat, the guides and butt cap.

Test fitting the components

Putting all the components together.

Done with the reel seat and rod decal.

Guide wrapping to match the reel seat color.

After epoxy

Rear view from the butt cap

Guides line up

View from reel seat 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Medium power "slow pitch" Jigger

Another jigging rod project which was shelved a couple of months back as it was a " just for fun" project and I thought of completing it just to clear my work bench.

Using  FUJI PTS-MPK reel seat , some aluminum trims and ALPS titanium guides. 

Setting up and test fitting the reel seat and components.

Yet another spiral guide placement for this jigging rod pending epoxy.
Personally I find that spiral guide placement are rather good for medium to heavy jigging setup which uses over head reels.  You will have more control over the rod during heavy loading and pumping.

Hand signed plus custom decal 

Aligning and centralizing guide placement for incoming line to reel before epoxy


After epoxy completion.

Complete handle