Wednesday, February 26, 2014

THE KATANA by Daniel Wong @ Dominic

It actually took me a few days to consider to take up this project. The requirement is simple... actually too "simple" , the owner of this rod wanted to specify the components to be used. Well, that is fine with me.

Of course, there are times when we have our differences in view of the components but that does not stop us from progressing with the design of "The KATANA".  

This design is by the owner himself, Daniel Wong who is known for his craze going after big mamas of the giant snakeheads or Channa mircopeltes.

He wanted a rod  that is well-balance for persistence and consistence casting for heavy cover. Imagine chasing after giant snakehead fries, non-stop casting the whole day without fatigue and wearing yourself out. That was the criteria...

He agreed on a 6'6" 14-30lb North Fork blank. The components will be fully from MATAGI and Fuji Titanium SiC guides.

Below are some photographs taken during the building process.

MATAGI components: 

Sample wrapping for selection of underwraps

North Fork blank MB6609-1 IM

Mock up test fitting all components before epoxying.

Thread wrapping above the pipe check.

Here are the complete rod photos.
( Courtesy from Daniel Wong @ Dominic )

That is only half the fun....

The excitement comes after that..........

Daniel hauled up his record breaking 14 pounder giant snakehead from Sepayang, Johor.

According to him, this 14 pounder mama gave a good fight and went under the boat a couple of times. Fortunately this rod can bend like hell...

Landed a few sizables ones and with good rebound power of the backbone, these were no fight for the "KATANA" eventhough in heavy covers.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rebuilding the Techna "Japanese" AV

A hot and steamy rod rebuilding story... LOL .. just for the name's sake.
It's other rod rebuilding to give a new lease of life to a old custom built rod from a Techna AV blank.

Started the stripping process...

Hard labor...

Everything was stripped down until the reel seat.
The rod will have all new components expect the reel seat and a set of recycle Fuji titanium SiC guides.

A new Fuji graphite winding check to sealed up the reel seat opening which was only covered with EVA and a metallic thread wrapping to finish off the unfinish part.

The new split cork handle with aluminum spacer and rubberised butt cap.

Recycle Fuji Titanium SiC guides in spiral placement half way done..

Guides done..

Matching color to the existing wrapping in burgundy and that wraps it up.
Another project accomplished.

Total Rebuilt handle of the RIDDLE rod.

Another handle rebuilding project I undertake. Sometimes stripping the whole handle is very time consuming and reasonable care have to be taken not to damage the blank during this process.

The existing Fuji skeleton handle of the rod. The threaded sleeve of the hood dislocated. The epoxy might have gave way.


The skeleton reel seat and cork handle removed.

MATAGI parts used to this rebuit. Custom painted matt black Fuji ACS reel seat with KDPS , aluminum trim parts in red, full cork foregrip and handle and Matagi butt cap.

From cork rings to full cork handle. Glued, stacked and lathed.

The cork foregrip on the reel seat.

Testing the cork grip.

Thread wrapping beneath the KDPS foregrip.

After putting the foregrip on.

A protective layer of cork seal was applied to all the cork grips.

And DONE..