Monday, March 14, 2016

Project " Rosenbergii II "

A quick overview of another rosenbergii rod that I built before my fishing / prawning trip over the weekend.

The blank used was a solid carbon fiber blank measured at 4'8" and ultralight rated.

Carbon insert SG-reel seat with butt-less EVA rear grip and fuji winding check capped at the front of the reel seat.

ALPS stainless steel frame with zirconium ring spinning guides.

Guides lined up placement similar to KR-concept

Pending epoxy coating.

Another view of the guide layout after epoxy.

Three quarter view

Short butt section

Full view

and from the left are  "rosenbergii I" , "rosenbergii II" and matagi fiberglass UL.

All these 3 are good for UL fishing and prawning..

Monday, March 7, 2016

1wt FIBERGLASS fly rod

Once awhile a nice fly rod project will come around. This time a 1wt fiberglass fly rod in amber color.

REC down locking sliding band reel seat. A nice lil' reel seat for this lil' rod.

Extra grade cork rings, glued, stacked and lathed on the blank.

Test fitting the reel seat. The ID of the reel seat is actually smaller than the blank, I have to file it to fit the blank.

Then, the amber agate stripping guide goes on and so are the rest of the snake guides.

A view thru' the amber agates.

After the wrappings are epoxied.

and it is good to go...